How Amadeus B2B Wallet improved RexturAdvance's cash flow and security

Luciano Guimarães

Director, RexturAdvance

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Some time ago we faced a great challenge: reduce the risk of fraud, and also, time devoted to reconciliations. Amadeus B2B Wallet helps us achieve both of these aims. This solution generates virtual cards for payments and improves the reconciliation of sales and cash flow. It also automates processes, streamlines the management of payments and reduces the risk of fraud.

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RexturAdvancestarted over 40 years ago selling air tickets. Nowadays, we are a consolidator for agencies that do not hold an IATA certificate. We offer advanced technology services, from tickets to travel insurance. Competition is fierce and I am always looking for solutions that can meet our demands.


It is a tailor made product for travel agencies. It also optimizes the agencies' card payments to their providers and all transactions are made within the Amadeus Selling Platform or through web services. Also, the virtual card replaces billing, bank transfers, the use of different debit cards for the same operation, checks and cash advances.

The advantages of Amadeus B2B Wallet are countless. One main benefit is that there is only an implementation cost. Once everything is configured, the entire process is automatic: booking, issuance, reconciliation, payment to the airline and delivery to the customer.

Amadeus B2B Wallet is a smart and easy to use solution that minimizes the risk of fraud and it has been designed specifically with travel agenciesin mind.

This innovative solution has also received the 2018 Innovation Launch award at the Phocuswright Europe event in Amsterdam.

You can find more information on Amadeus B2B Wallet here.


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