Amadeus awarded as ‘2016 Red Hat Innovator of the Year’

Christophe Defayet

Director, R&D, Airline IT Inventory System, Amadeus IT Group

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When I attended the Red Hat Summit for the first time back in 2014, I came with an open mind about open source. Now, nearly two years later, I could not be more proud of the Amadeus team for earning recognition as the ‘2016 Red Hat Innovator of the Year’.

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To be awarded as ‘Cloud innovator of the year’ in one of six categories at the Red Hat Innovation Awards, made me extremely proud of how far we’ve come. But then, two days later, by public vote, to also be awarded as ‘2016 Red Hat Innovator of the Year’ left me speechless. I feel very lucky to work with such talented people at Amadeus and Red Hat, who together as a team, built Amadeus Cloud Services.

When we first attended the Red Hat Summit in 2014, we knew we needed to evolve our solutions and we knew where we needed to go. Docker containers, which are now the centre piece of Amadeus Cloud Services, were one of the big topics at the summit then and it was also where we actually discovered the concept.

Finding the solution

From the beginning, it was clear that the people at Red Hat understood our workload, as they were having similar challenges with their platform development. As such, there was common interest in us working together. They were in early stages of their development of the next version of OpenShift, and it was clear Docker was the container solution we needed.

As one of my talented colleagues, Eric Mountain, explained in his blog post, Amadeus Cloud Services enables our solutions to run on our own global private cloud as well as on multiple public cloud providers. This container-based cloud solution decreases system latency to enable better customer service, increase platform availability, streamline operations through automation, and reduce time to market for new services.

It’s been a fantastic experience at this year’s summit in San Francisco and I’ve had some very interesting conversations with Red Hat and the open source community about the industrialisation of the OpenShift platform, and how massive deployment will pave the way for DevOps. But ultimately, the word on everyone’s lips after the conference was Amadeus.

Highlights of the summit

Marco Bill-Peter, Vice President, Customer Experience and Engagement, Red Hat, said:

“Amadeus breaks through innovation barriers and just keeps on innovating.”

Paul Cormier - Executive Vice President and President, Products and Technologies, commented:

“Amadeus is a true example of cloud innovation. Using open source, they bring new applications to the market faster. They’ve solved real world tech problems in the travel industry.”

Check out this case study for more details on how we worked with Red Hat to develop the Amadeus Cloud Services platform.

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