Amadeus’ Ancillary Services solution wins award in Latin America

Victoria Huertas

Commercial VP, Airlines, Latin America & Caribbean, Amadeus IT Group

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We’re all very proud here at Amadeus because our company was recognized as “the most innovative provider in 2010” at the ALA awards, thanks to our Amadeus Ancillary Services solution. These awards are part of the CILA conference - Conferencia Ingresos Líneas Aéreas - a key event for Latin American carriers and travel providers.


The airline industry is working hard to make ancillary services fly and it’s the same for us as we work to further refine our multichannel solution allowing ancillary services to be sold through airline websites and via travel agencies.

ALA award

Here I am collecting the award

2010 was a year of important milestones, first we ran a pilot with Corsairfly to sell ancillary services on its website and via travel agencies. We also became the first technology provider to enable EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) communication between airlines and travel agencies worldwide.

Going live with EMD’s is particularly important because it’s the industry electronic messaging standard that allows airlines and travel agencies to share information relating to issuance, management, distribution and fulfilment of airline services – fairly critical if the industry is to benefit from the enormous potential of ancillary service sales within the travel agency channel.

In 2011 we expect to see many of our efforts brought to life as both airlines and travel agencies further adopt our solution.


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