Amadeus 2012 first quarter results

Stuart Brocklehurst

Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group

Today we have published our financial results for the first quarter of 2012 (January 1 to  March 31).

Comparing these results with the first quarter of 2011, highlights include:

  • Revenue grew 8.5% to €764.1 million
  • EBITDA[1] rose 5.4% to €307.2 million
  • Adjusted profit[2]

    increased 22.1% to €167.9 million

  • Net debt reduced further to 1.65x last twelve months’ EBITDA

The Distribution and IT Solutions businesses played equally important roles in the company’s performance during the quarter: revenue in the Distribution business increased by 8.0%, with total bookings, including both air travel agency and non air bookings, up 6.1% to 132.3 million during the quarter. Amadeus also expanded its global market share of travel agency air bookings by 0.9 of a percentage point, maintaining our leadership position with 38.2% market share. In the IT Solutions business revenue increased by 10.4% with the number of Passengers Boarded (PB)[3] up 23.3 to 115.9 million PB in the quarter. Looking ahead a couple of years, we currently calculate that we will have over 750 million[4] PB for 2014, based on existing contracts.

Luis Maroto, our President & CEO, commented on the results:

“Following on from our strong outcome in 2011, the results from the first quarter of this year continue to be very encouraging. “Such consistent growth in revenues as well as new clients is a direct result of our long-term commitment to developing innovative customer-focused solutions and consolidating our global presence. This strategy was again proven successful by two milestone contracts recently signed, the Altéa contract with Southwest Airlines and the Expedia contract for content and technology in North America.  Although both deals were announced during the second quarter, they deserve special mention for their great significance in such a key market – and their long-term potential fills us with great enthusiasm.  “Despite the uncertain economic environment, we look forward to the remainder of the year with confidence.”

As usual, our financial results were filed with the CNMV (the Spanish stock market regulator) and the information is made available in both Spanish and English.

If you would like to know more about our financial performance, you can find further information in the press release  we issued this morning, which can be found in our Investor Relations centre.

Our half year results will be published in August – we will update you again then.


Figures adjusted to exclude extraordinary costs related to the IPO


Excluding after-tax impact of: (i) amortisation of PPA and impairment losses, (ii) changes in fair value of derivative instruments and non-operating exchange gains (losses), (iii) extraordinary items related to the sale of assets and equity investments and the IPO, and (iv) discontinued operations in 2011


Passengers Boarded (PB): actual passengers boarded onto flights operated by airlines using at least the Amadeus Altéa Reservation and Inventory modules. A PB is the key metric for charging in the Amadeus IT transactional revenue business line


2014 estimated annual PB calculated by applying IATA’s regional air traffic growth projections to the latest available annual PB figures, based on public sources or internal information (if already on our platform)