Almundo succeeds at being present in every step of the customer journey

Tomás González Ruiz

Chief Product and E-Commerce Officer

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In the last five years, Almundo has evolved into who we are today. We realized our true passion (and key differentiator!) is being present for our customers both online and offline throughout their entire journey. We are with them from the first steps of planning and buying through post-booking support to ensure they get exactly what they want from their trip.

This key differentiator really comes down to our people and the company culture we have cultivated. We’re a diverse team of experts from all walks of life with a passion for travel, technology and, most importantly, helping people. We wanted to leverage this and become a truly omnichannel online travel agency, so we rebranded and built a strong technology platform. Our aim was to better connect our 400+ travel experts and more than 75 brick and mortar retail stores with customers quickly and efficiently.  

We believe that customer service should be done through all channels:  mobile, website, call centers and physical stores.  Everyone is different and while one traveler might want to book online via their mobile, another may feel much more comfortable coming in to a physical location and having a face-to-face conversation.  We know that our Latin American customers value human interactions and it’s our responsibility to provide these options.

Expansion into new markets has always been on the cards for us. It was just a matter of finding the right partner who could help us make the move into markets like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia without compromising on what made us successful in the first place – our people and our technology. With Amadeus’ Live Travel Space, we found the perfect fit – an established partner who possesses many of the same values that we do, as well as a global network of travel agents and the expertise to help us scale our operations into new territories in a fast and efficient way.  

From then on, it was smooth sailing.  Amadeus provided the insights, training and assistance that contributed to the success of our rapid expansion into uncharted territory.  Amadeus helped us build our own travel platform through which we can handle increased demand and showcase additional content.  Amadeus’ technological expertise also better equipped us to face other challenges in the Latin American region such as dealing with different types of payments and currencies, fulfilling PNRs and successfully supporting the operational differences and particularities of each market.  Plus, thanks to our partnership we now have over 800 employees in the region! 

Beyond that, I can honestly say that the Amadeus team is genuinely interested in helping us grow, not just in terms of geographic expansion, but also in working together to improve our products and solutions with the goal of driving stronger business results.

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