Almundo sees 50% increase in sales within Europe with LCC content

Esteban Varela

Amadeus Account Manager for Almundo

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Whether it’s to cheer on Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr., travelers from around the world will soon be flocking to Russia for The FIFA World Cup. It’s an understatement to say that this, and other events like it, including the Rugby World Cup in Asia, have a big regional impact on the travel industry.

Almundo, the Argentine travel agency, saw a great opportunity in offering content from European and Asian low cost carriers (LCCs). In fact, it was seen as a must. Almundo realized that in Latin America, travel agencies were lacking the integration of this valuable content. Its clients from across the region could not find LCC content on its site or at other Latin American agencies. So, travelers had to go to other websites from abroad to book these flights.

Almundo’s big challenge was to improve processes with LCCs. This meant they needed to innovate by offering both low prices and differentiated content in the market. After analyzing many options, it found the solution that fit perfectly with its needs: Amadeus Light Ticketing.

This solution allowed it to integrate LCCs smoothly and easily in all of its mid and back office systems. Most importantly it enabled Almundo to offer customers exclusive low cost fares that currently no other competitor has.

The results have been great. They focused on those LCCs that covered the European market. Light Ticketing functionality allowed Almundo to increase travel searches and sales by a fantastic 50% within Europe. They are now able to offer better options, and generate incremental demand.

With this innovative solution, Almundo can offer something different, exclusive, and diverse. This all means a better travel experience for travelers - which is key to its mission.

Almundo and Amadeus Light Ticketing