All Nippon Airways embraces cloud tech to distribute availability across all channels

Kentaro Kishi

Manager, Global IT Strategy, All Nippon Airways (ANA)

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Part of our mission is to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world. To accomplish this, we require the best technology to manage increasing online activity.

That is why All Nippon Airways (ANA) adopted the Amadeus Airline Cloud Availability solution. With the growing number of passengers booking online, we needed a way to ensure accuracy across all distribution channels. 

Cloud availability has helped us to do this and provided us with a number of benefits. We are able to boost customer conversions because our offers are consistent across all sales channels. It’s also a cost-effective way to distribute content dynamically. When it comes to revenue optimization, we can ensure that the right price is offered to the right customer. Plus, the technology can be deployed anywhere giving us the flexibility we need. 

Most importantly, we are pleased to be the first airline to take advantage of Interactive Codeshare through Amadeus’ Cloud Availability solution. This means that we can process availability interactively with codeshare partners. For example, when we receive an availability request for a seat on a flight operated by a codeshare partner, we can forward that request to them so they can answer interactively. The value of Interactive Codeshare, or codeshare cascading, is that the availability is very accurate and timely so our partners don’t have to worry about overbooking. Our codeshare partners also have all the context of the request, like what other flights the passenger is connecting with, so they can make a better availability decision.

We worked hand-in-hand with Amadeus to develop a way to achieve this. During this technically complex process, we could see that Amadeus was a real business partner that cares about its customers and is committed to finding solutions for them. The implementation was smooth and even integrated with the other distribution technology we use. Now, we enjoy over 99.9% availability accuracy, shorter response times, and improved cost efficiency.

In Japanese culture there’s a philosophy called ‘Kaizen’. It’s a way of working that is focused on innovation to achieve improved results. I can say with confidence that Amadeus’ technology and partnership approach has embodied this philosophy to help ANA achieve excellent results.


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