8 questions airports should ask about cloud-based common use systems

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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We believe the future of airport common use will be similar to the mobile revolution. If we look at the Android, Amazon and Apple app stores, they’ve created a cloud-based common infrastructure base for developers, enabling an ecosystem of applications, services and hardware to be developed harmoniously. By centralising airport technology, a common use marketplace can also be developed to enhance not just the airport, but also the global aviation ecosystem.


The cloud isn’t an end goal, but rather an enabler. Just because your vendor offers you common use in the cloud, it doesn’t mean you are benefiting from being in the cloud.

Airports should be prepared to ask difficult questions about not just their current requirements but also their longer-term passenger service and business transformation objectives. In our new positioning paper, 8 difficult questions you should ask your current CUTE/CUPPS provider, we’ve taken the guesswork out of deciding exactly what these questions should be.

In the paper, we outline why we believe that our Airport Common Use Service(ACUS) is the only true cloud common use model present in the industry. And the increasing adoption by our airport customers supports this case.

Since the launch of ACUS in March 2014, 19 airports around the world – including Innsbruckand Perth– have signed for the solution, reaping benefits such as anywhere location operational flexibility, reduced passenger processing costs for airlines and reduced CO2 emissions.

Download a copy of our papertoday (registration required) and feel free toengage with our teamto discuss this further.

Finally, stay-tuned as next week we will be reporting from Passenger Terminal Expo – the world’s largest passenger processing systems event – where we will be presenting the success of Amadeus ACUS alongside Perth Airport to the global airport industry.


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