Unlocking the power of technology to build the airport of the future

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus

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Take a moment and recall your last airport experience. What stood out to you the most? Maybe it was not the smooth journey you had expected, with queues at the security check for example. This can be explained by the growing demand for global air travel and increasing traveler expectations that are putting pressure on the airport environment and facilities.

In this context, the challenge for airports is to maximize existing infrastructure, improve efficiency, and ensure that their proposition delivers value to all stakeholders. This is the basis of our whitepaper, “Airport digital transformation: From operational performance to strategic opportunity”.

We initially commissioned Arthur D. Little to explore the role of technology in helping to reduce cost, an important issue for all businesses and indeed for many airports. However, it became clear throughout the research process that airports view technology, as do we at Amadeus, as an enabler of business transformation as well as a tool for cost reduction.

As a result, this paper provides valuable insights from 15 senior executives of airports into how technology can be deployed to build the digital airport of the future. It highlights the different process areas where the application of technology can deliver the most value and the critical success factors toward digital transformation. The paper also offers insight into some of the specific technologies that have a major impact on the evolution of an airport. The benefits of these technologies range from cost reduction and operational efficiency through to enhanced passenger experience.

And while understanding the role of technology in cost reduction was the primary driver of this research, we are delighted that Arthur D. Little has been able to set this into a wider and more comprehensive context.

We invite you to download a copy of the “Airport digital transformation: From operational performance to strategic opportunityreport below.

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