How Airport Collaborative Decision Making minimises delays and increases capacity

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Airports have clear challenges to overcome, including flight delays, unpredictable events, and inefficient use of resources. Better collaboration among airport stakeholders is the key to overcoming these challenges and technology can be a key enabler in this respect.

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Most recently, Copenhagen Airport has tackled these challenges by implementing Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager and our Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) solutions. This technology will provide the airport with accurate and synched information on aircraft arrivals and departures to minimise delays and increase capacity. It’s all about synching up airports, airlines, ground handlers, and air traffic controllers to follow exactly the same steps on the same collaborative platform to work more efficiently together.

Information sharing is the foundation upon which the five key elements of A-CDM rest upon. They include:

  • Collaborative management of flight updates

    Real-time information sharing between network operators and airports improves the quality of arrival and departure communications.

  • Collaborative Decision Making in adverse conditions

    When unpredictable reductions of capacity occur, this element achieves collaborative management of those situations.

  • Collaborative pre-departure sequence

    When an aircraft is ready to depart, this element helps airport stakeholders take into account operator preferences and operational constraints.

  • Variable taxi time

    At complex airports, this is the key to predicting accurate take-off times.

  • The milestones approach

    This element focuses on tracking the progress of a flight from the initial planning to the take off so airport stakeholders can achieve common situational awareness.

Our technology helps facilitate information sharing at airports, like Copenhagen, where they are actively working to improve operational performance and customer experience. We’ve already seen great results working together, and for them to become an A-CDM compliant airport is a great milestone in our journey together.