How airlines are streamlining check-in while ensuring safety and security

David Larvin

Head of Airline IT, Departure Control, Amadeus IT Group

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It should come as no surprise that passenger safety and security are top of mind for airlines. Ensuring that passengers meet the regulatory requirements needed to travel is a key aspect of this. At the same time, passengers expect a quick and hassle free check-in process. Something’s got to give, right? Not necessarily.

passport and ticket on the desk


Once upon a time, in order to verify a passenger, check-in agents had to either scour a database accessed from their departure control system or a manual, both of which contain detailed and technical text. As you can imagine, this takes a great deal of time to read, absorb, and interpret, thus extending the check-in process.

We’ve helped streamline this process for ourAmadeus Altéa Suitecustomers by providing an interface at the time of check-in toICTS TravelDocorIATA Timatic Autocheck, the two leading systems that verify passengers’ international travel documentation. Through Amadeus Auto Document Check, airline agents can verify if passengers are ‘OK’ or ‘Not OK’ to fly, instantly, from the same check-in screen. For airlines, this means requirements such as passport, visa, and health regulations are instantly checked against a database, providing agents with the most up-to-date passenger status. It also means faster check-in processes and a potential reduction in fines from authorities as less passengers arrive at destinations with incorrect documentation.

Points of view

Airlines are already reaping the rewards of this technology. Manager of Ground Operation Systems at Norwegian, Oddbjørn Hansen said, “Before we rolled out TravelDoc in Altéa, we would in a typical month have 3 cases originating in the US. This November was the 4th month in a row without a single no-visa case originating from our stations in the US where Amadeus Auto Document Check is activated. The reduction from these stations is actually 100%! Our results are really good. We have rolled out Amadeus Auto Document Check to some additional airports over there.”

Júlíana Þórdís Stefánsdóttir, Project Manager for Distribution and e-Business Development, Icelandair also commented, “Icelandair is using Amadeus Auto Document Check via Altéa from ICTS. The product is very beneficial for our staff and the link to Altéa is very user friendly. We see that we can trust the document check completely. It saves time at check-in and makes life much easier for our customers as well.”

Finally, IATA’s Alan Murray Hayden said, “IATA is delighted to have partnered with Amadeus to provide our joint airline partners with an automated travel document solution based on IATA’s Timatic AutoCheck solution.  Airlines have relied on Timatic for over 50 years, and now using Timatic AutoCheck via Altéa CM will enable them to automatically verify that passengers have sufficient travel documents for their destination and any transit points. By partnering with Amadeus, the joint IATA solution means airlines can securely automate this critical document check process resulting in improved passenger experience and reduced immigration fines.”