Airline passenger service systems debated at London event

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Some people might assume that an event dedicated exclusively to the world of the PSS (New Generation of Airline Passenger Systems 2015 to be precise) may not, at first glance, be the most entertaining of business conferences.


But in fact – by sheer virtue of the number of people it is safe to position in one room at one time - that view would most certainly be inaccurate if the past two days are anything to go by.

Held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London, and now in its second year, the T2RL/Flight Global-organised event has been something of a masterclass in how to bring together the great and the good of the oft-unsung PSS community to analyse, examine and argue the most pressing issues of the day.

But, and here is where it gets interesting, the whole thing was conducted in an incredibly collaborative, fast-paced, high-energy (and even educative) spirit, that belies the perception that this may be something only for those who know their XMLs from their EMDs.

What was discussed

The session touched on everything from whether ‘Best of Breed’ or a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ is the best PSS approach (why not both asked one of the panellists incidentally?) to how NDC has evolved (and is still evolving) to the challenges inherent in any migration to a new system (‘akin to open-heart surgery’ was one comment).

The event struck a balance between smaller working groups and the more big-picture panel and plenary sessions which allowed the audience to submit questions live anonymously whilst offering the ability simultaneously to ‘like’ those questions which were most interesting.

With everyone from airlines (120 according to the organisers), to vendors, to travel agencies in attendance, the event will surely go from strength to strength for 2016 and help provide a voice to this growing part of the travel technology community.


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