How personalisation can help airlines through disruptions

Dominic Matthews

Global Head of Loyalty, Amadeus IT Group

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As the number of travellers grow every year, so does the potential for a less than smooth travel experience. Think strikes, bad weather or even smaller events such as lost bags or last minute seat changes which may not impact the flight itself but still result in a traveller feeling disrupted. Often these events are outside the airlines control but the travellers still face stress and are dissatisfied whenever the unexpected happens during their journey. At such times passengers cite poor customer service, including insufficient communication and lack of compensation as causing the most frustration.


As I explained recently at our Airline Leaders Forum in Dubai, this is where the Amadeus Customer Experience Management solution comes into play. The Amadeus Customer Experience Management solution gives airlines the ability to alleviate these complaints by treating passengers as individuals. The challenge, however, is how airlines can share, collect, and manage fragmented passenger data to proactively push relevant services to travellers.

By leveraging data both from the airline and overall market sources, and integrating with other IT systems in real-time, Amadeus Customer Experience Management provides a centralised view for each and every customer. With clear insights on each passenger, airlines can gain important competitive advantage and the opportunity to differentiate their offers and customer service strategy. This means providing relevant communications and compensation, e.g. don’t send me a message in French if you know I am British or suggest a discount on baggage if you lost my bags last week.

Airlines can also learn to anticipate and predict their customers' future motivations and requirements and respond with targeted and personalised services. With an in-depth customer view, including past travel behaviour, inferred preferences and key metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, airlines can focus on each individual passenger. This enables them to personalise their interactions with passengers, whether it’s going the extra mile for a high value customer, or helping other travellers through a disruption.

Airlines can leverage a single passenger profile in order to provide high levels of customer care that help foster brand loyalty, maximise additional revenues with effective merchandising strategies, and optimise operational efficiency, all while simultaneously ensuring that travellers recover efficiently from disruptions with their dignity intact. This is how airlines can create a smoother and more personalised travel experience.

Have a look at the Amadeus Customer Experience Management solution page for more insights on this cutting edge technology.


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