An airline CFO’s remedy to painful financial processes

Patricia Simillon

Head of Strategic Marketing, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Every airline CFO dreams of financial processes that involve more gain and less pain. Optimised and efficient financial management is a top priority for them, but it’s not always easy to achieve, especially in the airline industry.


Obstacles abound, including revenue leakage, tax reporting, and compliance across multiple markets. These challenges are further compounded when the financial processes behind them are manual or siloed.

So, just what can airline CFOs do to facilitate best-in-class financial management? It starts with the building blocks of automation, integration, accuracy of information, and speed of processing. With these elements in place, airline CFOs will be empowered to manage a much more dynamic and efficient financial space.


Our forthcoming report, Streamlining Airline Financial Processes: Opportunities for CFO’s to Boost the Top and Bottom Line, by Frost and Sullivan, helps airline CFOs to identify key challenges and highlights how new approaches and technologies can alleviate the common pain points of airline financial management. It also identifies best practices from other industries such as retail and banking that could have a significant impact on an airline’s bottom line.

Our heritage of powering mission-critical IT systems for airlines means we understand the complexity of airlines’ operational and financial processes, and we are committed to working with our airline partners to transform the industry’s approach to financial management.

The technology to address these challenges exists today, and airline CFOs themselves are the driving force effecting change.

Ease your financial headaches with a copy of this ground-breaking report, which you can download here, or pick up at our booth 4A at the World Financial Symposium (WFS) in Barcelona, Spain, next week.