Air travel in 2020... from the eyes of a low-cost carrier


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As part of Amadeus' recent report 'TheTravel Gold Rush 2020', we spoke to Paul Simmons, General Manager at easyJet, to discuss the future of the low-cost carrier and what we can expect from air travel in general as we move into the next decade and beyond.

Posted by Amadeus Corporate Communication

As well as explaining how and why low-cost travel has become the norm rather than the exception, Paul also shares his views on improving the total travel experience more generally; looking at why travel is still such a fragmented process and why it will continue to be for some time yet.

Some specific questions Paul looks at include:

  • Will business travellers remain loyal to low-cost carriers once the upturn finally happens?
  • Are virtual cabins really likely to become a reality?
  • What disruptive trends can we expect looking forward to the next ten years?

EasyJet's Paul Simmons Talks About the Future of Travel