Three’s Company: Air Tahiti Nui, Nextjet, and Adria Airways adopt next gen revenue management tech

Alexandre Crie

Implementation Leader, Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management

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What do the Arctic Circle, Adriatic Sea, and the Pacific Ocean have in common? Several key airlines in these regions are now using our technology to optimise their revenues. The Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Management teams recently completed cutovers to next-generation revenue management technology for Air Tahiti Nui, NextJet, and Adria Airways.

Air Tahiti Nui, Nextjet, and Adria Airways adopt next gen revenue management tech

What was the most fun part of these projects? The challenges of course. These carriers each had unique needs that they wanted to address. Amadeus and the airlines worked in sync with clear communication and organisation during all phases of the projects. Collaboration between several different stakeholders made these cutovers a smashing successes. They go a long way to underlining our commitment to our customers.

Why did these carriers choose our technology? This revenue management solution offers airlines innovative demand forecasting techniques with real-time data exchange. But that’s not even the best part. It also helps airlines increase profitability with advanced optimisation and decision support tools, and provides instant access to key performance indicators from network level down to individual departure date.

We are leaders in developing cutting edge revenue management technology for airlines of any size. We also believe our teams who make cutovers like this a success are the cream of the crop. The combination of these elements is what makes Amadeus the best choice for airlines looking to upgrade their technology.

Thank you to everyone who helped with these projects. Check out the Amadeus Airlines website to see how our solutions can benefit carriers around the world.