Air Baltic reaps the benefits of Amadeus Altéa

Linda Grecka

Revenue Management Systems Manager, Air Baltic

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In the airline industry, and in an ever-changing technological era, maximizing your income can sometimes be a daunting task. Requiring timely updates, every bit counts in order to optimize your revenue, but sometimes you need an extra set of tools to achieve your business goals. To succeed in this endeavor, Air Baltic selected Amadeus as a technology partner by adopting Amadeus Altéa Group Manager and Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Management.

Air Baltic on Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Management

Ever since we signed for Amadeus’ revenue optimization solutions, we haven’t looked back, and we are enjoying the benefits of this move. Thanks to this partnership, we have shifted from a static revenue management control scenario to a dynamic one. The Amadeus system’s ability to assess the customer’s willingness to pay is optimized in real time. This not only ensures one of the most advanced revenue optimization capabilities, but it also allows revenue analysts to apply different business rules in order to maximize income even more. Plus, the software has a very intuitive user interface and notification system that includes both alerts and recommendations.

One of the great advantages of using Amadeus Altéa Group Manager is the possibility of easily handling different types of requests, ranging from revenue management to sales, all through the same platform. On top of that, in order to boost revenue, Amadeus Altéa Group Manager allows you to establish your fares based on the revenue management forecast and have them align with your company’s overall revenue management policy.

Many times, images speak louder than words, which is why we would like to show why we chose Amadeus as a service provider and how we have managed to optimize our revenue:

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