Aigle Azur extends partnership, transforming data into value to boost performance

Stephane Baudemont

Deputy Commercial Director, Aigle Azur

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In the ever competitive airline industry, we are always looking to ensure the technology we use is cutting-edge. This is especially important for us, as we are the second largest French carrier in terms of passengers boarded.

This is why Amadeus has long been our partner. We’re a proud member of theAltéa Passenger Service System communityand back in 2014, we chose Amadeus to helpmodernize our revenue accounting.And in March of 2018, we adopted Amadeus’innovative ancillary bundles. 

We wanted a highly automated cloud-based platform that was not only user-friendly, but also provided us with access to rich data to make informed business decisions. Of course, it definitely helped that this state-of-the-art tech was backed by Amadeus’ team of dedicated data engineers specialized in the airline industry. So, later that year, we implemented severalAmadeus Airline Insight solutions.

From this technology we’ve gained a remarkable understanding of our business. Thanks to Market Insight, we can look atscheduleandtraffic analyticsto spot-check capacity on our routes. Then we can vary our capacity ahead of time to use our resources more efficiently. At the same time, we can make better informed and quicker decisions that keep our passengers happy by serving them relevant offers and handling disruptions smoothly. We can also benchmark our prices versus the competition and expected demand. This helps us adjust our availability strategy based on real-time market data.

When it comes to Performance Insight, Amadeus’ technology enables us to monitor our day-to-day business and improve the decision-making process. For example,Amadeus Advanced Sales and Revenueprovides us with instant visibility of our commercial performance. This helps with strategic choices and means that we can react rapidly. Deep dive analysis is simplified thanks to the combination of consistent, granular, and accurate data. Thus, by avoiding manual data crunching, our commercial and accounting departments have also been able to significantly save time and efforts and can now focus on added-value tasks.

We also needed a business intelligence system that was scalable and built on advanced technology capable to accompany our growth plan.Amadeus Business Analytics Centergives us immediate insight into our commercial and operational performance. The direct access to relevant and dynamic dashboards, KPIs analysis, and drill-down facilities empowers us to quickly design ad-hoc reports and conduct thoughtful analysis.

We consider Amadeus’ technology to be quite extensive and complementary. It provides us with a powerful tool to stay at the forefront of airline technology to grow our bottom line and keep our passengers happy.


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