Study highlights potential of Africa’s mobile landscape for region’s travel players

Andrew Shaw

Online Manager, Regional Solution Centre, Sub-Saharan Africa, Amadeus IT Group

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Some 200 delegates gathered at the event in anticipation of the launch of ‘Understanding business travel in Sub-Saharan Africa’ – a product of Project Neema – a cooperative effort between the African Business Travel Association (ABTA)and Severnside Consulting Ltd (SSC) in association with Amadeus among others. This study gives actionable insights to business travel players interested in Africa ‘on the key trends, challenges, opportunities and best practices in managing business travel on the African Continent’ and draws its conclusions from polling of 170 travel industry stakeholders throughout the African continent as well as Germany, Netherlands, UAE, UK and the US.

Africa TravelTravel management companies should start to consider how mobile strategies can be incorporated into their service according to a new study released at the inaugural ABTA Africa Business Travel Conference.

A panel session, in which Jannine Adams, Senior Manager, Marketing, Amadeus Southern Africa, took part, presented a summary of findings of the long awaited research report – which has been a year in the making.

Mobile Dominance

The study shows that mobile devices are becoming the dominant means of Internet access in the region with mobile internet usage rates close to 80% and 75% in Nigeria and Kenya respectively. Ghana follows next with around 55% mobile Internet traffic, followed by South Africa at almost 52%.

The study also shows that outside South Africa travel buyers are discouraged by the lack of comprehensive online tools from travel management companies, but there is strong potential for travel companies to make use of mobile travel apps and tools, provided there is sufficient data coverage and the thorny issue of roaming charges is addressed. The study indicates that the key to this is partnering with the right technology provider who is able to offer mobile booking capabilities.

For more insights into the findings of the study – head over to the Amadeus Sub Saharan Africa Blog to download a full digital copy of ‘Understanding business travel in sub-Saharan Africa’.


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