Actions speak louder than words

Malek Nejjai

Global Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus

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It’s easy to use a string of buzzwords when talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. But actions speak louder than words. That is why we are proud to be a founding member of the REDI association, a Spanish organization supporting the inclusion of LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) people in corporations.

REDI Founding Partners

Diversity and inclusion are key pillars of our success. In speaking about our workforce we say, “Who you are makes us who we are.” But diversity means more than simply being a group of people from different backgrounds and places. We are committed to a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere at Amadeus. Supporting organizations like REDI is a big part of this commitment.

REDI is a corporate network of experts in diversity and inclusion of LGBT+ employees and allies in Spain. It is an inter-company network of 11 companies including Amadeus, a non-profit organization that aims to share information, training, and consultancy in matters relating to diversity and inclusion with the objective of fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.

Today the mission and accomplishments of REDI to date have been presented at an event taking place at the IE Business School in Madrid, with new companies joining REDI, such as Banco Santander, being welcomed. We hope many more companies will join REDI from today and look forward to sharing updates from this important initiative.