Achieving mass adoption and scalability with NDC

Stephane Lecourtois

Head of NDC & Order Transformation, Amadeus

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NDC is becoming a reality for the travel industry. At Amadeus, we’re on the brink of industrializing NDC-enabled solutions for airlines and travel agencies.

For eight months now, we have been processing live NDC bookings with Travix.Over the last few years we’ve also implemented Altéa NDC with multiple airlines including Finnair,Singapore Airlines,Avianca, Saudia,Cathay Pacific,and more recently Bangkok Airways.*And we’re deeply involved with our NDC [X] partners in the evolutionof the standard. But there are still challenges ahead. Perhaps the biggest of them is mass adoption by travel sellers, generating high volume bookings, and the scaling of NDC for airlines. And here is where one of the latest Amadeus initiatives can help.

A few weeks ago, we announced that we are working with Finnair to integrate Altéa NDC and the Amadeus Travel Platform.Amadeus Altéa NDC is a full Offer and Order Management solution for airlines, based on end-to-end NDC shopping, booking and servicing. This enables airlines to distribute and service its offers to third parties, with consistency between direct and indirect channels. And the Amadeus Travel Platform is the backbone of our technology for travel sellers. So, what does integrating these solutions means?

Right now, as it usually happens with any messaging protocol standard in its early stages, NDC is not that much of a standard. With two new versions every year, different companies are using different versions of the standard. We have also seen how airlines are implementing NDC in different ways. Until now, integrating each airline’s NDC content into the Amadeus Travel Platform has been tailored for each and every airline. This means it takes longer than we and our airline customers would like; and this is what we are intent on solving with a new feature that we’ve named “Amadeus NDC Connect”.

Finnair has been an Altéa NDC user since 2017, and has already deployed the solution successfully in projects like the one we announced two years ago together with Skyscanner.The challenge now is to make NDC work just as seamlessly for all of our travel sellers. 

This is why we are integrating Altéa NDCand the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Thanks to the new Amadeus NDC Connect feature, Finnair, and all our Altéa NDC customers going forward, will have the option to simply and automatically integrate their NDC content into the Amadeus Travel Platform. This means that travel sellers will be able to easily access and compare this content, which will sit side by side with other air and non-air content integrated using different messaging standards, through their chosen selling interface. All sourced from the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Amadeus NDC Connect is a big step forward towards NDC standardization and industrialization and ultimately, greater adoption. More and more airlines will have the freedom to easily connect their content with the Amadeus Travel Platform. They’ll be able to improve their booking volumes as travel sellers will be able to easily access this content through our cloud-based Amadeus Selling Platform Connect interface,our Amadeus Web Servicessolution, or our Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense corporate booking tool.

Want to find out more about NDC and our NDC [X] program? Check out our dedicated webpageand our latest milestones here.

*Updated August 16th, 2019 to reflect latest developments

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