How the Accenture Amadeus Alliance is helping airlines bring innovation to market

Andrea Marazzi

Head of Accenture Strategic Alliance, Amadeus IT Group

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Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the block chain and virtual reality are transforming the world of online retail. That’s why the Accenture Amadeus Alliance is collaborating to help airlines bring innovation to market faster. Working hand-in-hand with airlines we want to make shopping for travel as simple, personal and intuitive as any other online retail experience.

How the Accenture Amadeus Alliance is helping airlines bring innovation to market

To succeed in this pursuit, Amadeus and Accenture have joined forces. Accenture brings an invaluable wealth of cross-industry knowledge and experience in digital innovation. Amadeus, on the other hand, adds its massive travel industry knowledge and technical expertise to the equation. The result is an Alliance that will help airlines develop innovation for real business results.

So how does the Accenture Amadeus Alliance work? We invite airlines tackling a new challenge to collaborate with us at our new Innovation Centre in Dublin, where we’ve designed unique multi-day innovation workshops to help airline leaders flesh out solutions fit for the digital era. Based on an airline’s unique situation and culture, we use strategies and activities designed to immerse its team in relevant knowledge with an outside-in perspectives. The goal is to help airline leaders make clear progress in creating new opportunities or resolving critical issues.

At our Innovation Centre, airline executives can discover the prototypes we’re working on in the realm of robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things and analytics to address airlines’ challenges. To inspire new ideas, we don’t just talk about travel, we’ll explore how these technologies are being applied to finance, retail, energy, banking and utilities and transfer these learnings to the airline industry. For a more hands-on approach, the Alliance can also host design sprints and hackathons in partnership with an airline, and develop effective strategies to bring individual innovations to market faster.

To explore the Accenture Amadeus Innovation Center, just get in touchwith the Airlines Alliance team. We invite you to collaborate with our developers and business experts to see your ideas come to life with a design-thinking approach. Together, we can create better journeys for today and tomorrow.