The Accenture Amadeus Alliance and Volantio sprinting in hot pursuit of innovation for airlines

Andrea Marazzi

Head of Accenture Strategic Alliance, Amadeus

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Innovative ideas and collaboration are the lifeblood that keeps travel moving. Only by combining these two together can true disruption happen, and ultimately lead to a lasting impact in the day-to-day experience of travelers. And at the Accenture Amadeus Alliance, we’re always looking for forward thinking start-ups that can be a part of this pursuit.

This ambition was truly put into practice last year with the Air Pitch start-up competition, organized by the Accenture Amadeus Alliancein partnership with Skift. More than 50 US based start-ups submitted their entries and three talented finalists were selected. These three plucky innovators had to pitch their ideas in front of a large audience and a jury of decision-makers from several airlines, together with the Skift President and Accenture Amadeus Alliance board members.

After much deliberation, one start-up emerged as victorious. Volantio, based in the US state of Georgia, stood out among the rest. Volantio helps airlines maximize revenues and decrease costs through greater capacity utilization. It also provides customers with better predictability and control over their travel journey.

In addition to their $5,000 prize, Volantio had the opportunity to spend a week in Dublin at the Accenture Amadeus Alliance Innovation Center, collaborating with Amadeus on a project to enhance its platform leveraging our data and expertise. During the development sprint, the teams worked hand in hand to investigate the value of a deeper integration of Volantio’s buy back technology to Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management and inventory solutions.

The Accenture Amadeus Innovation Center is a place where we offer ‘Innovation as a Service’ and this is key in the airline space today where there’s a real need for speed to break through the crowd. Our services promote co-innovation with customers and partners and accelerate time to market.

“In roughly four days of intense collaboration in Dublin, we were able to achieve what would have otherwise taken six months or more working remotely. The Accenture Amadeus Alliance provided a spectacular venue to work together.”

Azim Barodawala, CEO, Volantio


Together with Volantio, we were able to build a functional integration between Amadeus's inventory and revenue management platform, and its Yana platform. Once launched at scale, this integration will enable Yana to address a significantly larger market.

The integration also enabled increasing the opportunity to generate more value and reduce program costs. Over the coming months, the teams plan to work together further to roll out the integrated product with a few pilot carriers.

I was thrilled to be a part of this success story where innovation and collaboration were on full display. This is, after all, one of the things that I greatly look forward to and is also the central goal of the Accenture Amadeus Alliance.

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