Infographics on the future of travel 2011 – latest travel trends, and potential airline industry trends

Alejandra Contreras

Group Communications Senior Executive, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus selected the infographicon the best future of travel that highlight travel trends, the latest airline industry trends, and insights in to travel technology.

In 2011 the Amadeus blog featured the future of travel trends in infographics that highlight travel trends, the latest airline industry trends, and provide insights in to travel technology that will improve the future of travel and travellers’ experiences. Let’s look at the travel trends one by one:

Future of travel trends 1: Passenger traffic data, shifting travel centres and new revenue sources

Where are the air travel growth hotspots?

Traffic to and from the BRIC countries shows the strongest increase whilst the traditionally strong routes between North America and Europe remain flat.

Why the Middle East still matters and how it hopes to become the world’s dominant travel hub by 2020

Amadeus commissioned a research report to understand the future travel opportunities and challenges on the Middle East’s road to becoming a dominant global travel hub.

2011 ancillary revenue estimate by Ideaworks

The airline industry has trended towards Ancillary services in 2011, which have spread across the globe, into every airline sector, and into every aspect of air travel. 32.5 billion dollars is the estimated revenue provided by ancillary fees for the year. Frequent flyer mile sales and baggage fees are amongst the ancillary services that generate more revenues.

Future airport technology and the airport of tomorrow

Airline industry trends of using wireless technology, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and augmented reality, are set to revolutionise our experience at the airport through innovative, time and hassle-saving services like automatic check-in archways, location-aware baggage tags, and mobile computing.

How mobile will influence the future of air travel

With increasing smartphone ownership and the growing influence of mobile technology on modern life, it is surely only a matter of time before more of the travel industry embraces mobile opportunities.

In this future of air travel infographic we look at how location-based services, integration with social media, mobile payments and ‘push notifications’ will become a mainstream travel trend across the whole travel experience.


Amadeus data centre infographic

The Amadeus data centre in numbers

5,000 plus servers handle the one billion transactions that are processed across our network each and every day. This back-end infrastructure is essential to deliver the innovations described in the infographics above.

An infographic makes the essence of a story easy to grasp. This is why in the blog’s editorial team we enjoy sharing them with you -  and in fact, we believe you find them useful too astwo of the four most shared blog posts this year were two of the infographics featured here.  We expect to produce many others in 2012, so keep tuned!


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