A leap forward in time – Future Traveller Tribes French style

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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Attendees at the launch of our two new studies Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding tomorrow’s traveller and Building a more rewarding journey for future traveller tribes in Paris embarked on a trip to the future, no time machine required. They were able to get a glimpse of the different kinds of travellers the industry will need to cater to by 2030.

Georges Rudas

Points of view

These industry reports seek to identify and further understanding the fast evolving needs of the travellers. Julia Sattel, SVP Airline IT, Amadeus, explained the ways in which the travel sector could use these studies to benefit themselves and their customers.

Looking at the next 15 years, the travel sector will have to work with six different traveller tribes, each with its own respective complexity and requirements. The question remains whether the travel industry is ready to service these new emerging tribes. Patricia Simillon, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, Airline It, Amadeus, sheds light on this challenging aspect.

Being a presentation event in the French capital, you may wonder whether there were some specifically ‘French’ traveller tribes. Does the ‘French Cultural Exception’ apply to the traveller tribes in these studies? Which tribe best fits the French character? Georges Rudas, Managing Director, Amadeus France, shares his thoughts.


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