A bolder vision of IT operations

Eberhard Haag

EVP Global Operations, Amadeus IT Group

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Unisys mainframes were one of the two major IT platforms upon which the Amadeus success story was built more than 20 years ago.


On Wednesday 19 May 2010 the last Amadeus Unisys mainframe was switched off by a team in Nice and Munich.

This is a major technical milestone in the Amadeus strategic long term vision to consolidate IT platforms and stay at the forefront of state-of-the-art IT operations.

Farequote was the first Amadeus application hosted in the Amadeus Data Center in Erding and ran on Unisys mainframes until the Farequote Re-engineering Project was undertaken to make the application “open”. This culminated with the final decommissioning of the Unisys mainframes in 2007.

However, this was not to be the end of the Unisys story. In 2005 Amadeus and Finnair agreed to host the final years of their Departure Control and Tours applications at the Amadeus Data Center  as an interim measure before Finnair's migration to Amadeus Altéa Customer Management Solution.

This hosting deal reused our remaining Unisys mainframe experience until the final decommissioning of Finnair’s systems in March 2010. With the ongoing TPF re-engineering project, we are coming to the end of an era and look ahead to a bright future in Open Systems.

The Amadeus Data Center  is one of the world’s biggest data processing centers dedicated to the travel industry. It houses a future-oriented scalable technology based on mainly open systems and a service oriented architecture.

Around 500 airlines and 95,000 travel agency locations depend on  the Amadeus Data Center  to deliver more than 670 million net bookings every year and run extremely complex airline systems. And to demonstrate its scale and value, we created an interesting infographic of the Amadeus Data Center in numbers.

We hope that through our bolder, more pioneering approach to IT operations we can produce better technology and maintain our position of technological leadership in the industry.


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