How JAL is reaching new heights with the help of Amadeus and Japanese travel sellers

Sasaki Masashige

VP, Managing Div, Passenger Sales Planning, Japan Airlines

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At Japan Airlines (JAL) we are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing innovation, creativity and exceptional customer service. For JAL, this means that from the time a passenger is looking for a flight, to the time they book, board, and travel from door to door, we aim to exceed their expectations.

This is one of the key reasons JAL recently decided to expand our partnership with Amadeus. We know that for many travelers, JAL’s customer experience starts with the travel agent. As an airline, we can’t be successful and deliver an excellent customer experience if our travel sellers don’t have access to the latest and most accurate information for our international travel offers.

This is something Amadeus understands. With more than 30 years of international experience, Amadeus is recognized for its industry-leading technology and retailing capabilities, as well as its global network of travel sellers, who will now be able to book JAL’s full range of international offers through the Amadeus Travel Platform.  

This is great news for travel agents throughout Japan, as well as our Altéa hosted partner airlines. Because JAL relies on Amadeus to manage its passenger service system, travel agents connected to the Amadeus Travel Platform will have access to JAL’s latest inventory of travel offers, in real-time. As such, travel sellers will enjoy even more customer-centric retailing as they have access to the latest and most accurate information, at all times, even when there are changes to schedules. This also applies to our Altéa hosted airline partners.

In addition, agents booking flights with JAL through Amadeus will have access to unique products and deals that they won´t be able to find anywhere else.

Amadeus is committed to delivering the highest service levels and support for local travel agencies. Amadeus recognizes that Japan has a different profile of travel sellers, which gives rise to specific requirements and expectations, and it is ready to invest in our market. After all, it is already the number one R&D investor in the travel industry.

JAL’s unique brand and hospitality comes from caring for each and every guest the same way we would care for those most precious to us. And by treasuring every single moment we have with our guests, we will put everything we have into providing the best possible experience for them.  With our eyes on the future, we are adapting to continue meeting travelers’ changing expectations so that we may stay one step ahead of the competition. 

We are confident that with Amadeus’ industry-leading retailing and merchandising technology, JAL will be able to differentiate its travel offers based on value instead of just price, ensuring that partner airlines, agencies and travelers have all the information they need to make the right purchasing decisions.   

We invite our partners to join us on the next leg of our journey as we fly into the future with Amadeus. I’m confident that together, we can grow to new heights. 


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