Amadeus’ Startup Universe: Eight travel tech startups to watch in 2020

Marion Mesnage

Head of Research, Innovation and Ecosystems, Amadeus

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2020 is already shaping up to be filled with a number of new innovation opportunities for the travel sector. Amadeus is fostering many of these ideas through collaborations with startups from all over the world.

We believe that some of the best ideas, most successful innovations and biggest business impacts can be achieved by working with other companies and teams. This is why we have developed a collaborative ecosystem to support promising startups.

We make investments in early-stage startups operating at the intersection of travel and technology and have also developed a global initiative to help promising startups scale-up more quickly than they could on their own. We also connect chosen startups with travel experts and customers to test, improve, and promote their solutions. Finally, we offer startups our self-service APIs to enable them to convert their ideas into high potential solutions for the travel space.


Eight of the most innovative and exciting startups that are part of the Amadeus Startup Universe are briefly described below. We think together they will help improve the 2020 travel experience. Remember these names and keep an eye out for them the next time you set off on a work trip or vacation.


AirPortr is an airline integrated luggage check-in and delivery service. Via partner airlines, travelers signed-up to the service can book a convenient time to have their bags collected from their home, office or hotel and checked-in by AirPortr at their departure airport. In addition, the service helps airports maximize their baggage handling infrastructure during quieter periods and reduces congestion at check-in and bag drop areas.


Combining Internet of Things data with information from more conventional radar, satellite and weather station sources to feed its exclusive, AI-driven models; ClimaCell’s tech can analyze meteorological data in minutes instead of hours and within hundreds of meters of a customer facility, rather than several kilometers. The Boston-based startup’s customizable MicroWeather app thus helps improve airport and airline safety, efficiency and passenger satisfaction.


Increasingly companies want to access data easily and from multiple sources and to generate new revenue streams from the commercialization of their data assets. Dawex is the leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the world’s largest data marketplace. Dawex’s APIs allow customers to source, exchange and monetize data in their ecosystems, securely and in compliance with relevant regulations.  


The award-winning GeoSure app uses big data, AI, crowd-sourced reporting, and geospatial intelligence to provide real-time assessments of travelers’ personal safety around the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods. Ranking seven metrics, from overall safety to more specific categories such as ‘theft’ or ‘women’s safety’, the app gives travelers a simple visual ‘temperature’ gauge of their personal safety level, offering peace of mind and reducing stress when traveling to unfamiliar places.


A corporate travel platform that combines human expertise with technology, to organize and book business trips, Pana is targeted at company travel managers and people making bookings on behalf of larger groups. Whether it’s handling travel for onsite interviews and training of new hires, to coordinating flights, hotels, rides, and other services for people attending company gatherings, Pana aims to take the hassle out of organizing corporate travel.


The startup’s digital solution aims to allow tourists from around the world who are visiting Europe to claim their VAT refund as quickly and efficiently as possible. The solution plans to eliminate the long queues and paperwork so that claiming a VAT refund becomes a fully digital process. Refundit covers purchases in all types of stores, including small and medium-sized shops.


Smartvel is a Madrid-based software as a service startup that develops destination content solutions for a wide range of customers in the travel industry. Using Big Data and machine learning, Smartvel’s tech gathers, classifies and translates information from different sources to provide travelers with a huge range of experiences at destinations all over the world. The firm’s easy-to-use dynamic interface is available in several languages, is customizable, and 100% adaptable to customers’ branding.  


Atlanta-based Volantio uses machine learning to maximize post-booking profits for airlines. The firm’s proprietary Offer Optimization System predicts the probability a passenger will move off a high demand flight, and selects the optimal incentive to provide airlines with the maximum profit across all flights. Offering seat resell, oversell protection and flight alerts, the company’s GDPR-compliant Yana platform is currently being used by a dozen airlines worldwide.


We’re thrilled to be working with this innovative range of startups and look forward to developing exciting new travel experiences with them!

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