6 ways Open Source is beneficial to software developers

Loïc Cretin

Manager, Software Development, Technology Architecture & Engineering, Amadeus IT Group

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There are many reasons why we love Open Source at Amadeus. As a developer, Open Source also presents a number of benefits when it comes to creating really great software solutions. Below are some of the ways in which Open Source is beneficial from a software development point of view.

6 ways Open Source is beneficial to software developers

  • The technology is open to everybody. It’s very easy and fast to get the technology, install it, and start prototyping new software. This gives developers the ability to compare different technologies and to get the most efficient one depending the use case.
  • Everyone can use it, read it, and improve it by proposing modifications through pull requests. As there are some criteria acceptance and maintainers it’s of good quality with sufficient documentation that ensures it’s understood by all parties.
  • The technology is tested and evolves in real environments thanks to the community that uses it in its daily life. Its robustness is also enriched by the community and benefits the community as a whole.
  • In terms of licensing, there is no need to ask for a trial version, for permissions, or to get in touch with a vendor to use and try the technology.
  • In terms of support, since the code is open, developers can increase their expertise with the technology enabling them to react quickly in case of problems.
  • At the end, when going into production, the company has to choose whether to buy support from the provider of the enterprise version of the technology or to support the technology themselves by applying modifications directly into the code.

The use of Open Source gives software developers the agility need to create and design software solutions with the support of an entire community – so there are many more reasons as to why it’s beneficial. Let me know your reasons below or send us a tweet!


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