5 ways Open Source technology makes development more efficient

Antoine Hom

Software Engineer, R&D - AIR, Amadeus IT Group

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Open Source technology has changed the way solutions are created, and one of the most important aspects of this is the increase in efficiency  – here are five ways how:

5 ways Open Source technology makes development more efficient

  • When issues arise, you have the source code available to investigate on your own, meaning that you can pinpoint where the problem lies, thus avoiding the need for external help.
  • You can learn more efficiently. Always wanted to know how databases are built? Or how your favourite Open Source project is tackling a given problem? Just read the documentation and the code. When using closed source technology you need to rely solely on documentation and it might not contain what you are looking for.
  • The open source community is incredible. Having trouble understanding something? Or you just want to share your experience? You'll always find interesting discussions that can span from very general subjects to specific implementation details, thanks to the code being available for everyone to see and analyse.
  • You can directly send code for review. This puts you in a position to explain very precisely your ideas for new features or bug fixes, allowing the maintainers of the project to receive contributions in a very efficient manner.
  • All of this makes you feel empowered and much happier about the work you are doing. You can really see that your contributions are making the project evolve while shaping it at the same time!

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