5 more innovations that shaped the future of travel

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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It’s innovation month at Amadeus and we recently shared our list of what we thought were the top 5 innovations that have changed travel forever. Now, we’re adding to that list with some more game changing innovations that have shaped the travel landscape into what it is today.

great innovation in travel infographic


So, in no particular order, here’s our list of 5 more innovations that have shaped the future of travel.

 Travel review sites

Travel bookings are the biggest component of e-commerce and travel review sites play a major role in influencing millions during the buying process. In this respect, roach motels took a hit with the rise oftravel review sites– empowering travellers more than ever.


There’s no place like home and the compass has been helping travellers find theirs since the early Chinese Han Dynasty. Virtual compasses are available for smart phones – so now everyday folks can navigate with certainty. Plus, they’re a lot easier to use than aSextant.

Computer reservations system

Buying a plane ticket use to be month-long process until bettersystems evolvedinto the modern day GDS. Now, a few clicks and you’re all set – which really makes your Grandparents jealous.


No matter how stubborn your navigator is – a map sure beats intuition when it comes to getting around and they were important for facilitating the age of exploration. Even though paper maps seem archaic compared to their electronic brethren –manystill hold them dear to their heart.

great innovation in travel infographic


Capturing priceless moments for decades – cameras have become an essentially travel tool since the Kodak Brownie appeared in 1900. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to miss what your second cousin had for lunch yesterday due to the rise of mobile phones with built in cameras.

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