5 additional innovations that have transformed the way we travel

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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We’ve already ranked our top 5 travel innovations, and recently listed 5 more that we felt have also changed the travel experience for the better – but since there have been so many game-changing innovations in the course of history, we’ve added some more to our list.

Here are five more innovations that we think changed the way we travel for the better.

great innovation in travel infographic


Do you miss waiting in line at the bank to make a withdrawal? If so then you can thank the IBM 2984 for paving the way. When travelling now you can withdraw cash from all corners of the globe, often in multiple currencies – just make sure you watch out for those ATM fees though!

Language dictionaries

There are more than 6,000 distinct languages in the world – chances are you don’t know them all and that’s why we love our language dictionaries. Not long ago we had to lug them around in actual book form – but nowadays we have access to millions of words in our pocket through smart phones and cutting-edge new applications. Son moi útiles!

High-speed rail

Japan was the first country to build a high-speed rail line with its famous #8226et train in 1964 and hasn’t looked back since. Today, high speed rail lines crisscross Europe and have been making travel much easier, and faster, since their inception.

Smart phone

Before the rise of smart phones, travellers had to actually send postcards to gloat about how much fun they were having on their holidays. Today, we can share pictures of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a beach in Bali with our friends back home in the office cubicle at literally the click of a button.

great innovation in travel infographic

Credit card

First used in the 1940s – credit cards made global travel easier and more secure. Credit cards cut out the middle man when it came to exchanging currencies and gave travellers a piece of mind – just watch your limit!

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