3 ways to make your mobile travel app shine

Michelle Batten

Head of Global Marketing for Mobile, Amadeus

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In today’s hyper connected environment, apps continue to dominate consumers’ mobile time – as much as 20 to 1 according to ComScore. Good news, you got the download. But is that enough to keep travelers engaged with your mobile brand?


Sadly, keeping an app user engaged is a huge challenge these days. Nearly a quarter of apps are used only once, to then be discarded. According to eMarketer, the travel industry suffers one of the highest uninstall rates at just over thirty percent. Overcoming these daunting odds requires getting into the right rhythm with users by shining a new light on the key moments in their journey, to ultimately offer the right service when they need it the most. By doing so, travel players are further empowered to boost their mobile brand engagement and loyalty.

This is why we’ve partnered with Localytics, a mobile engagement platform, to help us become more relevant in every key moment of a traveler’s journey through CheckMyTrip and our ecosystem of white label apps. With Localytics, Amadeus and its customers can more effectively measure app engagement and deliver highly relevant in-app and push messages that get travelers swiping right to ultimately improve their trips.

We’ve been testing the platform for the past few months on the CheckMyTrip app. Here we learned that the booking is just one of several key moments where we could better engage with travelers after the download. Our recent collaboration with Localytics showed us:

  1. If you build it, you better remind them to use it

    We observed a pattern of CheckMyTrip users exiting their session after viewing their Trip List or Trip Details Screen. To address this behavior, we tested an in-app campaign to remind users about the destination services available to them through the app. Our in-app reminder resulted in 11% more views of destination services, plus improved session duration by nearly 30 seconds with the audience who saw the ads versus the control group. It also boosted users returning to the app after 7-days by almost 10%.


  3. Don’t be shy, bring your ‘one and doners’ back

    The Localytics platform allowed us to identify travelers who downloaded CheckMyTrip and then only used it once in a 180-day period. We created a test push campaign to re-engage this ‘one and done’ population – with one group receiving an invitation to add new trips to their accounts and the other to try out one of our newest features called Discover. The campaign also netted strong results with an above average 11% open rate for both creatives plus significantly improved session duration of 1 minute and 28 seconds with the audience who received the push notifications versus the control group. Why was this so successful? We personalized the salutations and injected our own brand of seasonal humor in the campaign messages.


  5. Recognize your fans and make them feel special

    With Localytics, we can now segment users who have recently given our CheckMyTrip app 4 or 5 stars and present them with a special invitation to join us on our Facebook page via an in-app campaign. This campaign garnered great conversion and also resulted in the highest retention lift yet – a whopping 33% increase in returning app visits 14-days after engaging with the campaign.


All of the campaigns in Localytics use a 5% control group to help statistically gauge campaign effectiveness across a range of KPIs, including testing of various creative compositions.

Our partnership with Localytics is part of a strategic mobile initiative called the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE. The COLLECTIVE aims to bring travel players the right tools, services, and knowledge to forge deeper relationships with travelers and make the most of the mobile growth train.

Amadeus will soon begin extending Localytics’ services to Amadeus Mobile White Label customers via the ‘Connect’ feature from Q2 2018 in both iOS and Android. We’ll continue running test campaigns to further enhance app engagement within CheckMyTrip and share our learnings and best practices with our customers.

Stay tuned as we add more members to the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE and showcase how each of them are working alongside us to help travel brands succeed in the travel app economy.


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