3 areas corporations need to address to improve managed travel

Arlene Coyle

Global Head of Corporation Sales, Amadeus

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Corporate travel has largely not changed over the years. Actually, I take that that back. The queues are longer, the seats are smaller, and there are no peanuts handed out on flights! But let’s set that aside for now. While managing cost is still important, corporations are now starting to integrate traveller wellbeing when travelling for work. What is the point of looking only for savings, if your key deal maker arrives at destination tired and fed up after a circuitous routing or lengthy stopover? Read on for 3 areas that corporations are now taking into account to improve the corporate travel experience:

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Duty of Caring (yes, caring)

Expect to see security and duty of caring (yes, that word again!) continue to rise in priority. According to a European business travel and expense analysis we commissioned in 2015, 87% of organisations want to be able to locate and contact their employees during their trip and 73% want to be able to repatriate their employees in case of emergency. Amadeus Mobile Messenger enables corporations to perform real time monitoring of events (political, climate, etc.) that may impact employees when travelling. Locating and communicating with your travellers in case of potential or real risk is at the top of our agenda.

Traveller choice

Today’s travellers have more information than they actually need. With so much data available, the next challenge will be to anticipate the travellers’ needs. With Amadeus cytric Travel and Expense, we are ensuring that technology empowers business travellers to have more control over their own experience whilst remaining within policy, whether this is in simplifying the search and book process or by automating the reconciliation of expenses post-trip. Don’t be too concerned about the savings, they will come in the booking process by giving travellers access to the content they need at booking time within policy. If you are looking for savings at expense time, then you are already too late.

Being in the moment

Roughly 58% of travel spend happens during the trip, with the vast majority of opportunity to reduce spend and make managed travel more personalised happening after booking. Capturing that spend ‘on the hop’ via mobile expense capture, also means faster expense reporting and reconciliation, by lowering your indirect costs from manual handling of travel expenses, errors, email exchanges and so on. It is therefore possible to satisfy traveller demand and corporate control in a managed travel process.

With cytric Mobile Companion, the mobile solution of Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, we give travellers the option to manage their trip on the go – anytime and anywhere, and we give the opportunity for travel departments, procurement or travel managers to create a complete travel program.


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