25,000 passengers and their bags handled off-airport and counting

Matthew Lee

Chief Executive Officer, OACIS

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What’s the most tiresome part of air travel? It’s got to be lugging your baggage all the way to the airport and then queuing to check your bag in. Imagine being able to check in your luggage at home, from a cruise terminal, your hotel, or even at a sporting event you’re taking part in!

This was our vision at OACIS (Off Airport Check In Solutions) – to disrupt the current check-in model and make it completely passenger-centric. Since starting our operation in December 2017, we’ve checked in over 25,000 passengers and this number is set to increase rapidly over the coming years. In order to achieve this, we needed to make check-in fully mobile, easy to use, and of course compliant with aviation security procedures. For that, we required powerful technology that could offer us the scalability and flexibility to take our check-in operations anywhere, anytime.

Amadeus was the answer. Using a web-enabled device and a secure internet connection, we can access any airline departure control system from anywhere as they are centrally hosted by Amadeus in the cloud. What does that mean for OACIS? It means we can be truly mobile with minimal hardware required and we can work with any airline. It means the DCS (Departure Control System) applications are always up to date as upgrades are centralized. And it means we have access to the most flexible check-in technology with no maintenance, infrastructure or technical costs to worry about.

So, where can you find OACIS pop-up check-in desks today? We launched our service at Sydney and White Bay cruise terminals and have since expanded to hotels, sporting events such as the Santos Tour Down Under, and we also manage group check-ins for schools, conference delegates and even the AFL (Australian Football League).

In a recent project, we provided off-site check-in and bag-drop for delegates at a conference hosted by a major Australian supermarket franchise. Using 12 check-in desks, we handled over 1,000 bags belonging to almost 1,200 delegates, in just under 2.5 hours. OACIS made a big difference, as many delegates were on very tight schedules. Had they needed to transport their bags and check them in at the airport, many delegates would have needed to leave the conference early. With the time they saved with OACIS, though, they could enjoy the full day of activities.

Why does off-airport check-in make sense? Because it works for everyone. For passengers, it’s fast, simple, convenient, provides more choice, frees up time and can even save on transport costs as you can travel light. For airlines, it creates additional capacity where and when needed, improves their brands by providing a better passenger experience, and reduces the pressure on airport-based staff. Finally, for airports it means reduced congestion at check-in and less pressure on airport resources. In a future where off-airport check-in is the norm, expensive terminal expansions could be delayed or prevented, as the extra capacity could instead be added outside the airport. Additionally, newly freed up check-in halls could be used for other more profitable activities, such as retail or food and beverage sale.

For OACIS, this is just the start. We have ambitious growth plans to take off-airport check-in to more cities and for more airlines. Innovation in air travel is creating more frictionless passenger journeys, and we are excited to be leading the world with a revolutionary check-in solution,powered by Amadeus

To read more about OACIS and how our service works, please clickhere to download our case study.

OACIS (Off Airport Check In Solutions)


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