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2 methods for travel agents to boost sustainable travel

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According to Booking.com’s annual report, more travelers are taking sustainability into consideration. But how do you promote sustainable travel options? Easy, introduce yourself to these 2 travel trends.

Some traditions are here to stay. Hopefully. In light of Earth Day, Booking.com released its annual sustainable travel report. Similar to last year, 72% of travelers indicated that they take sustainability into consideration when deciding on a travel method or destination


Travelers expect their travel agents to take responsibility too. According to Booking’s report on sustainable travel, 71% of travelers think that travel companies should offer consumers more sustainable travel options.

But how can you introduce sustainability into your travel agency? We present 2 sustainable travel trends you can easily implement to have a considerable impact on our planet.

Hop on public transport

In earlier articles on Destination X, we boasted about the necessity of ancillary services. Why can’t you, as a travel agent, offer an insight into public transportation?

For starters; it’s an easy way to reduce your travelers’ carbon emission drastically. Public transportation pollutes less than a taxi or a rental car.

That’s not all. There are additional benefits of using public transportation while on a holiday.

  • There’s no need to worry about driving in a foreign country ;
  • Travelers can use their time more productively.

But how can you nudge travelers to use public transport? In a whitepaper on sustainable travel, The City of London demonstrates that travelers need straightforward and accessible information on public transport, often in the form of mobile applications (such as route planners or tickets).

Support environmental-friendly accommodations

In Booking’s report, 37% of travelers indicated that they don’t know how to make their stay abroad more sustainable.

And honestly; we don’t blame them. More often than not, sustainable accommodations are simply not recognized by travelers. Would you notice if your meal was prepared with local or home-grown products? Or the fact that your energy was produced by solar panels?

In order to better inform travelers, some hotel chains are recognized by the Green Globe-seal.

As a travel agent, you can also recognize green hotels by the internationally recognized ISO 14001 guidelines– a roadmap for sustainable economics.

By supporting these ISO 14001-labeled hotels, you’re encouraging:

  • Local initiatives: staff is hired locally, products are from domestic markets
  • Less waste: an efficient process with less food waste and better recycling processes

Sustainability: a fixed feature in Amadeus’ DNA

Sustainability is not simply a hip term at Amadeus. For the 7th year in a row, we have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). We also ranked 16th in the 2018 Corporate Knights’ Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.