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Why join Amadeus LinkHotel? "Because you can increase your hotel revenue!"

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How does Amadeus LinkHotel help a beach-side hotel who wants to target more business travel and increase hotel sales? We spoke to Rosa Roig, General Manager of Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels in Barcelona, to hear her story.

Life before the GDS

Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels is a beautiful, 103-room hotel located right on the beach, just a short taxi ride away from Barcelona airport in Spain.  As such, the hotel is located in an ideal spot for a family holiday, a business trip, an event or a romantic getaway.  Prior to 2011, Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels was not distributed on the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and relied mainly on summer leisure bookings and local business agreements.  Like many independent hotels and small chains, bookings came through the hotel's website, telephone or online intermediaries such as HRS and Booking.com.


When Amadeus LinkHotel approached Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels, Rosa was quick to see the benefits of joining a multi-GDS hotel services partner.  “We wanted travel agents around the world to be able to book our hotel and LinkHotel could give us international exposure on all the global distribution systems”, explains Rosa.

“Our key objectives were to increase room sales and enhance productivity, without incurring major costs.  In fact, we were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the membership and booking fees were!”  Within a few days of signing the contract, Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels was up and running on all the GDS platforms, and bookings started to roll in.

LinkHotel gave us international exposure on all the global distribution systems

What are the business results?

Rosa told us that reservations have increased by 5%, with a more even split between business (40%) and leisure (60%) customers.  In addition, with the help of our contracting advice centre and Lanyon RFP tool, the hotel has been able to establish negotiated rates with multinationals (BCD Travel) and international corporations (Decathlon, Roca), giving Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels a preferred status with these companies. 

"We wanted to work closer with a select number of corporations for many reasons”, Rosa advised.  “Firstly, we get greater marketing exposure from participation in the hotel programme, and of course we can load the preferred rate code which agents are trained to book.  Secondly, the type of business we receive is high-yield so we can achieve a better average room rate.  It’s really worked for us!”.  And apart from the growth in corporate business, the hotel's customer base has expanded too, with new visitors coming every year, especially from Germany, France, UK and Russia.

Moving forward

Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels makes good use of many of the Amadeus LinkHotel marketing services to reach the travel agency community, but there is always room for improvement!

So, this year we will be assisting Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels in putting together a tailored GDS marketing plan to further increase exposure and awareness of the hotel. 


Tailored GDS marketing plan to increase exposure and awareness of the hotel

"I also need help loading multiple rates" Rosa told us, so we have developed online video tutorials which guide our hotel customers through all aspects of rate loading and management. These videos can be found in the LinkHotel Training Academy, along with many tips and tricks to get the most out of the LinkHotel membership. 

Last but not least, we asked Rosa to sum up Amadeus LinkHotel in 3 words:


Now that's music to our ears!

For more information on joining Amadeus LinkHotel, please visit: www.amadeus.com/linkhotel

For more information on Hotel Ciudad de Castelldefels, please visit: http://www.grup-soteras.com/es/hoteles-castelldefels/hotel-ciudad-castelldefels