Traveler servicing

Support travelers with exceptional service, enabling you to foster customer loyalty, differentiate your brand and drive profits. Our products and solutions include a set of tools to store travel information, implement changes based on customer preferences and access itinerary services with ease.

Efficient operations

Gain greater sales visibility with an expansive, diverse repository of customer journey information and take advantage of enhanced profile management.

Amadeus Offers

Store and exchange travel proposals for air and hotel content with travelers via a central, cross-channel facility.

Amadeus Total Travel Record (TTR)

Leverage centralized storage of all customer journey information and enjoy seamless compatibility with existing systems.

Amadeus Open Profile Suite

Access a centralized, flexible profile management system with support for any third-party system, delivering consistent and accurate profile data.

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents

Shape comprehensive travel information for individual customers, including hotel details and their method of transport, into dynamic travel documents that keep them in the know.

Travel communications

Keep travelers informed with journey-critical information, fostering both customer loyalty and retention, as well as strengthening your brand's reputation.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger

A real-time, web-based disruption management product, Mobile Messenger brings together the best risk and technology providers for agencies and corporations who care for their travelers and employees, wherever they are.

Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier

Deliver status updates and instant alerts on flight changes to your travelers via SMS or e-mail with Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier.

Amadeus Mini Rules

Simplify complex fare rules and conditions into easily understood, readily translatable text, enhancing your service offer to travelers.

Mobile Traveler by Amadeus

Start monetizing your mobile presence and increase your revenue with minimal effort.

Amadeus Mobile White Label

Create your own branded app and connect with your travelers worldwide through our white label mobile solution.

Ticket management

Handle ticket changes and refunds more efficiently, safeguarding revenue and delivering an optimized travel experience.

Amadeus Ticket Changer

Take an optimized approach to ticket change management to reduce costs, safeguard revenue and enhance the end-user experience.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

Automate refund calculations for all published fares and all ticket types, maximizing productivity and eliminating the risk of errors.

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