Market insight & reporting

Our market insight & reporting products help streamline operations and tailor your IT investments to your own specific business requirements. Monitor and manage your operations with big data, developing actionable insights to help you excel in a highly competitive market space and deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Agency insight

Actionable insights make for informed, effective strategy. Amadeus Agency Insight offers a number of tools to help track productivity, understand booking trends and learn more about how your customers behave online.

Amadeus Agency Insight - Booking Analysis

Access a clear and precise breakdown of travel booking trends and leverage the newly-acquired knowledge to surpass your competitors.

Amadeus Agency Insight - Search Analysis

Understand how travelers search for flights, revealing where, when and for how long they’re planning to travel, allowing you to sell the right products at the right time.

Amadeus Agency Insight - Productivity Tracker

Utilize Amadeus reservation data to highlight opportunities to improve business performance – updated in real-time.

Data management

Automate data transfer processes and gain unique market analysis powered by rich data.

Amadeus Booking Data Feed

Receive and monitor only the content you require from a large selection of rich data, directly for use in your own IT system.

Amadeus Interface Record

Automate the transfer of fare and booking data in real-time between the Amadeus System and external systems.

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