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Thrive in an increasingly competitive market space with innovative, superior content. Amadeus' content solutions for travel agencies are designed to engage customers across the entire booking chain. Drive revenue, customer satisfaction and enable your agents to deliver an exceptional level of service.

Superior content

Allow your agents to precisely target potential customers with engaging content sourced from high-quality providers. Personalize your offers, incorporating both Amadeus and non-Amadeus travel products across air, rail, hotels, cruise and insurance.

Air Content

Leverage a wide selection of merchandizing content and provide customers with personalized service based on their needs.

Hotel Content

Book easily with our wide range of quality content from top hotel chains, independent properties, and regional and global aggregators.

Travel chain

Connect the travel chain for your customers. Expand your market reach and revenue by offering greater convenience and peace of mind from booking and take-off to landing and transfer.

Transfers Content

Complete the travel chain with multi-providers for door-to-door transportation.

Insurance Content

Offer travelers peace of mind and deliver exceptional customer service with best-in-class content and technology.

Hotels Plus

Take advantage of a world of hotel content with a detailed and simple user interface.

Cars Content

Incorporate car rental into your product offering with Amadeus Cars and increase your bottom line.

Leisure Cars Content

For travel agents wishing to offer content from local, regional and global car rental companies at competitive rates.

Superior offering

Extend your market reach with industry-leading technology and expertise. With Amadeus, you can expand the scope of your inventory and provide an exceptional level of service to every customer, every day.

Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) Content

Safeguard your competitive positioning with great offers and content that's consistently effective across all platforms.

Fare Families

Deliver enriched content to your online shoppers by accessing and booking Fare Families on Amadeus, now an integrated part of the standardized booking flow.

Ancillary Services

Capture every sales opportunity and offer exceptional full service to your online shoppers.

Content management

Ensure you’re always prioritizing the highest-value content and enhance the efficient storage and transfer of information.

Amadeus Air Preferences

Exercise complete control over availability, scheduling and timetable displays, favoring preferred providers and optimizing revenue opportunities.

Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform

Gain access to secure and flexible file management without sacrificing time or efficiency.

Amadeus Margin Manager

Automate the calculation of service fees, mark-ups and discounts, enhancing your productivity and revenue as a result.


With Amadeus Hotels Solutions, book hotels easily with our wide range of quality content, coming from top hotel chains, regional and global aggregators and independent properties. Our solutions are targeted toward different points of sale, so you can pick the one that works best for you!

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Rail solutions

Booking rail travel has never been so easy! Our rail booking solutions integrate easily with your systems and allow you to manage efficiently after sales activities, connecting you to over 90 railways around the globe.

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