The flight search begins

Flight search continues to evolve as consumers drive trends in the way they search and book trips & services – expecting results that are super-fast, cheap, accurate, relevant and bookable. As each search query requires tuning and optimization to deliver optimal performance, findability and bookability are no longer good enough KPIs to consider on their own.

Here at Amadeus, we believe that the real benchmark is conversion, this is the only result that counts.

This is why we continue to innovate to bring best in class search technology to your online business. Over a decade ago, we were first to deliver our low fare search solution and we’re first today to deliver instant search results; Now, with the delivery of two unique technologies: Machine learning algorithm to increase relevance to targeted customer groups and Instant search to boost conversion.

These revolutionary technologies enable you to innovate across channels, create the ultimate (instant) search experience, boost conversion while ensuring online shoppers can compare all possible options on the same display.  

Merchandise, Accelerate and Monetize are the keys for you to differentiate, increase profitability and really boost conversion:


We integrate merchandising into the search results to add relevance and boost revenue per sale (search by bag allowance, Fare Families in search, travel agency bundles).



As the world is shifting to instant, our technology will help create new use-cases (mobile search, map views, year calendar display).


With new content and non-traditional products (referral content, fare protection, car cross-sell).


Flight search is a key enabler for differentiation and Instant search opens new opportunities with new use cases.

As an online travel retailer or a digital tour operator, you have a huge opportunity to enhance your online shoppers’ experience and address their specific needs by using the right solutions to further differentiate your value proposition.  

Our solutions allow you to:

Provide access to the a widest range of cheapest, bookable content

Optimize fare findability across all fare types

Deliver a diverse range of options to secure conversion by route

Boost conversion by dynamically profiling shoppers

Deliver relevant search results by query

Offer more diverse and enriched content with low cost carriers

Explore solutions to optimize traffic acquisition and increase customer loyalty

As an online travel retailer, you need to bring users to your site. However, we all know that traffic acquisition can be costly. Optimising these costs across all channels (e.g. metasearch sites, search engines and online advertising) is key. It’s not just about reducing costs but increasing ROI through converting users in smarter ways.

Ensure you obtain top ranking on metasearch sites

Get noticed on metasearch channels without compromising on quality: our algorithm trades flight convenience to achieve increased findability of cheapest fares, without losing out on accuracy or bookability.

Then, it’s time to inspire

Once you have online shoppers on your site, you need to ensure they stay and convert. Between researching a trip and booking, users explore many destinations, prices, travel times and activities online: make sure you win their preference and trust! Provide inspiration and service to your mobile app.

Online advertising throughout the life cycle

Exploit all the possibilities of online advertising from new users to repeat customers. You can optimize search engine marketing thanks to richly populated landing pages with extended calendars and customer-engaging features. We have solutions for all phases of the user lifecycle.

Shaping our search engine to fully serve your core business and optimize conversion

As a travel retailer in an ever more competitive environment, you want higher ROI and bottom-line conversions but have to cope with changing traveller behaviour and expectations. It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd when fare search tends to rely on a one-size-fits-all model. Travelers are driving demand and expect curated content; research shows that 37% require more personalization in fare search results.

From low fare search to Value Search

Value Search can really help improve the relevance of recommendations by offering a good trade-off between price and flight convenience, appearing on the first results page. By shaping your offers to match your online shoppers’ needs, you can differentiate from the competition.

Riding the merchandising wave

Help your online shoppers to easily compare fares and options by providing enriched search results and show extra services included in the fare such as free bag allowance, chargeable ancillary services, airline fare family description and upsell, fare conditions (Mini Rules) and onboard services.

Meet the growing expectations of online shoppers by boosting speed and enriching the user experience

Having unlimited access to data lets you optimize and customize your search, as well as boost traffic. Unlimited search access to data also gives you a wider user coverage (showing fastest and cheapest price per destination/promoting destination pages, mapping user case, fare alerts for example) helping differentiate your offer. It’s also a more cost-efficient presence on travel media. Our low fare search solution, Amadeus Master Pricer, goes instant, enabling you to innovate across channels, create the ultimate search experience and boost conversion. As there’s nothing like one-size-fits-all any longer, the right configuration for your business will define and deliver your unique search solution.

Turn lost visitors into revenue generators

Did you know that customers who don’t book can be of value through advertising and referral content? We provide bookable search results with relevant deep-link details so you collect CPC/CPA revenue. Get contextualized, customizable display ads and inline ads from Amadeus advertisers.

How do you really stand out in search?

User mobility and new standards of speed have become essential to retain online shoppers, but it can’t be a trade-off or at the cost of bookability or quality. At Amadeus, we achieve all of these thanks to smart cache refresh mechanisms and optimized, customized search engine configurations.

Give your business an edge with instant search technology

Our low fare search solutions are revolutionizing the traveler search experience with sub-second response times. Get unlimited search access to cache data, optimizing your IT costs and reaching more customers. Enhance your presence in the travel media space with precise fares and cost-efficient ads.

Key benefits Flight Search

Integrate advanced technology powered by advanced quality enabler algorithms, providing up to 250 bookable flights in a sub-second with Amadeus Master Pricer
Convert lookers into bookers with instant, relevant results, the cheapest direct prices and a full set of results on a pre-computed domain.
Boost acquisition with powerful and inspirational use cases based on the popularity of destinations.
Provide unlimited search access including multi-destination and date recommendations.
Optimize search by route with instant shopping-mono destination and date.
Drive down costs with the adapted pricing model based on data pre-computation volumes and unlimited transactions.
Maximize product visibility across Metasearch sites and mobile apps.
Secure exceptional quality using smart cache refresh mechanisms, a customized search engine and live availability.

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