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Amadeus has the winning hand with our strategy for group meeting and convention organization.

Amadeus is a technology partner hotels can rely on to help them deliver an exceptional guest experience and drive profit. We understand the hotel industry’s challenges and we’ve tailored our solutions to help you respond to them.

With decades of experience and use of the industry’s most innovative technology, Amadeus Hospitality is a partner you can count on to help your brand stand out and thrive.

Our solutions are based around facilitating year-on-year growth by making use of advances in technology, delivering new ways to welcome more guests and book more group business.

We offer a range of products, solutions and services dedicated to solving industry-specific challenges:

  • Connecting disparate sales, operations, and management systems to improve internal communications and measurement.
  • Distributing and responding to sales leads and tracking results.
  • Maximizing utilization of meeting space and resources, filling need periods and minimizing inventory spoilage.
  • Gathering intelligence from multiple systems as the basis for improved decision-making.
  • Allocating marketing and distribution channel investments for maximum return.
  • Improving guest experience with high-value service.

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