Hotel distribution

Take advantage of Amadeus’ hotel distribution solutions, built to help hoteliers distribute and sell through more distribution channels, maximizing both profit and market reach. Leverage our global network of subscriber travel agencies and present bookers with rich, accurate and diverse hotel content, while helping hotels differentiate their brand in the optimal moment.

Distribution solutions

With our distribution solutions, doing business anywhere in the world has never been so easy. By connecting to one of the world’s largest global distribution systems, you’ll have access to more guests than ever before. 

Representation solutions

With Amadeus LinkHotel, millions of room bookings a year isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality. By connecting to our tailor-made multi-GDS services company, your hotel can be booked by hundreds of thousands of GDS travel professionals worldwide.  

Amadeus GDS optimization

Make your marketing budget go further with our Amadeus GDS optimization solutions.

Amadeus Instant Preference

Occupy prime positioning on travel agency availability display and hotel listings for your destination.

Amadeus Instant Cross-Sell

Allow travel agents to recommend your hotel to their customers as soon as flights are booked.

Amadeus Hotel Reports

Enhance decision-making with detailed information on Amadeus GDS market trends and competitor behavior.

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