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Amadeus has the winning hand with our strategy for group meeting and convention organization.

Every gaming business knows that casinos can be utilized in more ways than one. Providing high quality group meeting and convention facilities is also a winning hand in the game of enhancing customer experience and profit. Amadeus solutions help you strategize, refine sales processes, maximize space allocation and expand your brand.

Across the world, gaming enterprises are redefining the casino experience and recognizing that non-gaming revenues are a key part of their economic future. Amadeus Hospitality has developed a range of solutions to help your business capture new, non-gaming revenue opportunities from group events, meetings, conventions and more.

Today, the leading gaming hotels and convention centers host some of the largest group meetings imaginable, relying on a clear and effective strategy for organizing and managing them. Equally, smaller independent gaming enterprises are expanding their group and meeting offerings. No matter your size, success in group business requires the information management capability to sell and deliver memorable experiences.

Amadeus Hospitality provides solutions for critical gaming industry challenges:

  • Connecting sales, operations and management systems to improve internal communications and measurement.
  • Extending player-centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to address the needs of corporate and association customers.
  • Communicating your distinct brand, services and differentiation, especially in crowded and competitive gaming markets.
  • Distributing and responding to sales leads and tracking results.
  • Allocating marketing and distribution channel investments for maximum return, especially as you reach out to new customer segments.

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