Sourcing and connecting to the right content

Cruise Lines can take full advantage of a wealth of content spanning every sector of the travel industry, sourced from quality, reputable providers. Improve your service, drive customer retention and boost sales. Succeeding in a highly-competitive market begins with impactful, targeted content.


Air Content

Superior content, low-cost carriers, new distribution models and integrated merchandising products.


Hotel Content

Build the perfect hotel content into your packages, with hotel content from multiple unique sources.


Ground Transportation

Offer your customers transportation services.

Amadeus Cars

We're the chosen partner for cruise looking to make car rental a more profitable element of their offer to leisure travelers.

Amadeus Transfers

We help cruise lines offer point-to-point transfers with a multi-provider taxi and transfer solution covering more than one thousand destinations.


Insurance Content

Offer travelers peace of mind and deliver exceptional customer service with best-in-class content and technology.

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Amadeus Integrated Partners

Seamlessly access trusted partners and book content that's not currently available through Amadeus.

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Connecting to the right content

Flexible connections to the content you need

Amadeus Web Services

 Enjoy unparalleled connectivity from a single point of access to the entire range of Amadeus' comprehensive content. Amadeus Web Services offer a cost-effective way to build and update your own customized travel booking applications.

Amadeus Master Pricer

Delivering up to 250 choices with one click, Amadeus Master Pricer integrates airline merchandizing and advanced features, such as search personalization and sub-second response times, helping to provide instant, relevant and inspirational offers to your travelers.

Amadeus Context Search

Context Search is a web services solution that puts the most relevant air results into the same flow as non-air bookings. That means agents can offer travelers the right air options more quickly, and travelers can buy the right flights from you more easily.

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