With Amadeus Hotels Solutions, get booking easily with our wide range of quality content, coming from top hotel chains, regional and global aggregators and independent properties. Our solutions are targeted toward different points of sale, so you can pick the one that works best for you!

With Amadeus Hotels you get instant access in one centralized platform to quality content from all sources, including top hotel chains, leading local and regional aggregators and small-medium independent properties and chains.


With Amadeus Hotel Web Services, you can see unrivalled, up-to-date content and book rooms quickly and efficiently. You will have access to a wide selection of competitive rates and payment options to drive profitability while cutting maintenance costs.


Where does our content come from?

We have combined three unique content sources to ensure you can find the perfect hotel for your employees, every time, whilst earning important revenues for your business. 

Your corporate travel team will have access to unrivalled, up-to-date content from the top hotel chains in the world, the leading local and regional aggregators, independent hotels and small chains, all in one single, intuitive screen. And best of all, you can wave goodbye to costs and operational risks.


More quality content

Amadeus Hotels has partnered with thousands of hotel properties to provide a centralized content repository which is fast, reliable and easy to use. We’re able to cater for all types of guests, including your leisure travel clients. 

But at Amadeus, we care about quality, too. We bring you easy-to-use and standardized content that makes the selling process easier. To ensure that you and your customerscan make informed decisions, all the necessary information including descriptive content, rich pictures and multi-media content for each hotel is available at your fingertips.

The best technology

Equipped with the best technology, we can empower you to make the right accommodation choices for your customers, helping to grow your business further. When selecting a hotel booking tool, Amadeus ensures that experts are on hand to guide you and your company through the training and implementation process.

More business models

We don't force you to change how you contract and make money – you can continue to work with your preferred partners the way you want. We also offer a variety of rate types: pre-paid and post-paid, commissionable, negotiated, net-rates/mark-up and service fee models. And finally, we support multiple payment options: credit cards, credit lines, direct debit, Hotel billback, etc.

More points of sale

The solution can be accessed via ready-to-use agency desktop (Amadeus Hotels Plus on Amadeus Selling Platform and on Amadeus Sell Connect); online and customized shopping interfaces (Amadeus Hotels Web Services), and Corporate self-booking tools.

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Our own representation company works with small-medium hotel chains across the globe to get them connected to the world’s largest GDS.

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