Revenue maximization

Take advantage of industry-leading technology and solutions built to help you maximize revenue. Capitalize on new business opportunities, offer your business travelers more and drive profits with Amadeus.

Cross-sell and upsell

Amadeus Total Travel Record (TTR)

Leverage centralized storage of all business travel clients’ journey information and enjoy seamless compatibility with existing systems.

Amadeus Cross-Sell Notifier

Offer additional relevant content to your business travelers, such as hotel, car rental and other travel-related content, with Amadeus Cross-Sell Notifier.


Amadeus B2B Wallet

We help you turn your business' payments into profit. Benefit from seamless end-to-end travel payments flow, providing three main benefits: choice, reach and orchestration with Amadeus B2B Wallet.

Margin optimization

Amadeus Service Fee Manager

Improve productivity and ensure fee revenue growth with the automatic and reliable calculation of service fees.

Amadeus Margin Manager

Automate the calculation of service fees, mark-ups and discounts, enhancing your productivity and revenue as a result.

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