Merchandising is a key component of the airline business model, enabling airlines to engage with travelers in new and different ways, deliver customized travel experiences, boost loyalty and increase revenue. Amadeus technology supports airline merchandising strategies on both the direct and intermediated channel and across the entire travel lifecycle.

Merchandising in intermediated channels

Amadeus covers all retailing touchpoints and worldwide points of sale, enabling airlines to deploy merchandising strategies in the intermediated channel, helping them to maximize traveler engagement opportunities anywhere in the world.

Merchandising has really taken off and continues to accelerate in the Amadeus distribution channel. We’ve opened new partnership opportunities across the industry, translating into more brand differentiation, more customer engagement and more revenue for airlines.

Want in on the action? Check out how our merchandising portfolio can help you activate your airline’s business in the intermediated channel and better connect with travelers by delivering consistent offers across all traveler touchpoints.


Whether to unbundle, bundle, differentiate, upsell or promote airline products and services, Amadeus solutions cover all retailing touch-points and worldwide points of sale.

Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services

Provide your customers with a complete travel experience and generate more sales.

Amadeus Airline Fare Families

Differentiate your offers by branding packaged booking classes, fares and services.

Amadeus Anytime Merchandising for Distribution

Drive your airline’s merchandising strategy through a centralized and dynamic portal.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for Airlines

Get complete transparency on how your content is displayed in across your channels.

Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services

Enable your airline to increase revenue by deploying its merchandising strategy in the indirect channel across Amadeus shopping platforms.

Rich merchandising

Once you've created the best travel experience possible, make sure you have the right marketing campaigns and promotions to tell the world about it.

Amadeus Media Solutions

Amadeus Media Solutions allows airlines to maximize sales opportunities through the world’s largest travel network by deploying targeted advertising campaigns across the travel agent booking flow.

Rich Merchandising (content)

Let your travelers look before they book to compare a range of different travel options.


Show your appreciation to your frequent flyers with a product that goes the extra mile by giving members of your loyalty program special offers.

Amadeus Frequent Flyer

Amadeus Frequent Flyer enables airlines to identify sales requests from frequent flyers and personalize responses accordingly – all in real-time.

Merchandising in direct channels

Centralize the management of your merchandising strategy to unlock new revenue streams while providing passengers with a great experience. Make sure that relevant offers, additional services and promotions are targeted to the right customers based on clear insights into their profile and preferences.

Airlines are interested in unlocking new revenues while providing passengers with a great experience that’s tailored to their needs.

Airlines can engage with travelers at important points in the customer journey based on clear insights into their profile and preferences. This lets airlines propose attractive offers and services that will enhance passengers’ overall experience. 

Merchandising techniques are managed centrally and in real-time, with on-demand dashboards to monitor the performance of offers and campaigns.  If adjustments are needed, airlines can adapt their strategy dynamically, making any necessary adjustments to their own, third-party and partner content in order to optimize sales and yield.

Bidding for Upgrades – Premium Cabin and Economy (Plusgrade)

Allow your passengers to bid for upgrades and more desirable seating arrangements.

Amadeus Anytime Merchandising

Drive your airline’s merchandising strategy through a centralized and dynamic portal.

Amadeus Airlines Ancillary Services

Enable your airline to increase their revenues by deploying their merchandising strategy in the indirect channel across Amadeus shopping platforms.

Search & shopping

Drive customer acquisition into the right place and shape the digital journey of your future travelers with dynamic and relevant fares, turning “lookers” into “bookers”. Offer the most relevant range of fares according to each customer’s budget and preferences and effortlessly upsell services directly integrated into the booking flow.

For airlines, selling flights online has never been so competitive. Travelers want to find the best deal – fast. They also want fares to be accurate and bookable.

 And it’s not just about offering the cheapest ticket price.

Many travelers are prepared to pay more to get more with features like ticket flexibility or valuable extras like premium economy. The challenge for airlines is to make that shopping experience simple, transparent and easy, while also ensuring the process is rewarding for both loyal travelers and the airline itself.

At Amadeus, we can transform your customers’ online shopping experience with the most complete Airlines Shopping Solutions:

  • Accurate prices throughout the booking process.
  • Fast searches for the right price in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Proven: Over  100 airlines using Amadeus Flex Pricer, and Amadeus is the main provider of three major airline alliances.
  • Available across all touchpoints of the traveler’s digital journey.

Improve your conversion rate and don’t miss vital opportunities to sell or upsell.


Amadeus Digital Awards

Make it simpler and better for your frequent flyers to redeem their air miles.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Shopper

Let customers change their tickets and shop for the lowest available fares.

Amadeus Flex Pricer

Improve the shopping experience and boost sales by grouping your online fares.

Amadeus Instant Search for Airlines

Be more present at the important stages of a traveler’s digital journey.

Amadeus airlines shopping solutions delivering the right offer fast.

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