Disruption Suite

We know that disruption in air travel is inevitable, as not all events can be foreseen and controlled. But how airlines deal with disruption has a huge impact on their bottom lines and passenger satisfaction. In fact, it is a problem that costs the airline industry $60 billion a year. Learn more about the Amadeus suite of Disruption Management solutions.

Amadeus ticker changer disruption

Disruption to flights must be addressed quickly and sensitively in order to minimize any negative impact on your passengers.Amadeus Ticket Changer Disruption provides you with two powerful solutions to automate ticket changes, freeing up your resources to concentrate on managing a disruption situation.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Dynamic Waiver

Lets you prepare proactively for an anticipated disruption. You decide which rules to apply (e.g. penalty and fare/tax difference waivers, re-routing options), so that ticket reissues can be automatically processed.

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary

Lets your agents reissue tickets in a matter of seconds, getting disrupted passengers onto new flights as quickly as possible.

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