Data analytics & personalization

Implement an expansive range of products, solutions and services tailored to meet and exceed your business intelligence needs.

This next-generation suite leverages big data, as well as cloud-based and open-source technologies to deliver speed, flexibility and the cost-efficient handling of vast data volumes from diverse and rich sources. This aggregated intelligence can then be fed into the Amadeus Personalization System, delivering a premium, branded, experience across the entire journey.


We use reliable, relevant data from multiple sources to enhance customer experience and build customer loyalty. Offering personal services to make your traveler's trip more memorable will ensure sustainable, long-term revenue growth.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway, with airlines shifting towards a holistic approach to serving their customers. This means using their digital footprint to come up with an offering that’s relevant and personalized to their needs. An engaging loyalty and rewards proposition is a key component of any airline’s offering, allowing airlines to go beyond self-contained loyalty programs and integrate with different sources of data to create a full and truly rewarding customer experience.

Innovations to airline loyalty programs continue to appeal to frequent business and leisure travelers, as the bleisure (the combination of business and leisure travel) segment continues to grow. Airlines are exploring ways to offer passengers the change to exchange points for extra convenience during a journey. Overall, the move is towards more flexibility, fewer barriers to earn and redeem miles and points, greater integration with retail brands, integrated data management and co-hosting of coalition partners, all to maximize the loyalty asset. 

Amadeus Loyalty empowers airlines to:

  • Increase brand stickiness by launching unlimited numbers of targeted promotions providing incentives to keep loyalty program members engaged with the airline. 
  • Develop a strong member base by acquiring new loyalty program members from all member touchpoints, including partners.
  • Personalize the member offer by connecting disparate data points from a large variety of member touchpoints to form a holistic data-centric view of each member.
  • Provide attractive airline redemption alternatives like full seat availability and facilitate miles and cash payments of airline tickets, upgrades, ancillaries and merchandising offerings through key customer touchpoints.
  • Boost partner revenues with alternative options for members to earn and burn miles without losing the aspirational and emotional connection with the program and brand.  

Amadeus Loyalty helps airlines keep service levels high and anticipate future trends in the market in order to develop an attractive brand and a strong and consistent revenue flow. 

Amadeus Loyalty Management

Generate and maintain brand loyalty by making offers and promotions tailored to your customers.

Amadeus Loyalty Partner Management Services

Provide a centralized approach to offering first-class, dynamic accrual services.

Amadeus Customer Service Center

Handle your customer issues efficiently and give passengers a superior travel experience.

Amadeus Interactive Awards

Enable the consumption of frequent flyer award currencies for your airline's direct channels.

Amadeus loyalty solutions for airlines.

Market & performance insight

This next-generation suite of products and services uses the latest big data technologies with rich data sources and a dedicated team of talented data scientists to deliver unique and actionable insights into each airline’s business to support airline decision-making.

The Market and Performance Insight suites comprise a range of advanced business intelligence and analytics solutions to support airline decision making. This next-generation suite combines the latest big data technologies with rich data sources to deliver unique and actionable insights into each airline's business. Data is extracted from multiple sources –  industry, customer and Amadeus systems ­– providing in-depth information for airlines to gain real insights into overall market dynamics, their own performance and growth opportunities. 

Market insight

Amadeus Booking Analytics

Empower your stakeholders and inform their strategic and commercial decisions.

Amadeus Schedule Analytics

Optimize planning for your airline’s network operations with single-view scheduling.

Amadeus Search Analytics

Extract useful insights into the most searched routes, popular travel periods and more.

Amadeus Traffic Analytics

Get useful insights into market share, competitor activity and traffic estimations.

Performance insight

Amadeus Business Analytics Center

Leverage a fast, cost-effective and complete big data platform for airlines.

Amadeus Advanced Ground Operations

Leverage Altéa DCS Customer Management Data and unveil the insights you need.

Amadeus Advanced Sales and Revenue

Advanced Sales and Revenue is part of the Amadeus Performance Insight Suite.

Corporate recognition

Segment corporate travelers and tailor customized offers using unique identifiers like corporate tier, priority code and value. The pre-defined corporate data is integrated into the airline business rules, which means processes are automated across the Altéa suite.

With Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition, airlines can segment corporate travelers and tailor customized offers to them using unique identifiers such as corporate tier, priority code and value. These offers can include preferential reservation services like seating, availability and waitlist confirmation, or departure services like lounge access or priority check-in. The pre-defined corporate data is integrated into the airline business rules, which means processes are automated across the Altéa suite. This level of personalization helps airlines nurture high-value accounts and increase customer satisfaction levels. 


Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition

Corporate travel can represent 40-50% of an airline’s total passenger revenue.

Customer Experience Management

Build an in-depth customer view with an intuitive end-to-end service that lets you develop a close relationship with each and every passenger. Make your customer feel special to ensure loyalty and retention with personalized communication.

How can you make traveling with your airline more memorable? Making your customer feel special is key to ensuring loyalty and retention. Amadeus Customer Experience Management can help you achieve this. 

Amadeus Customer Experience Management is an intuitive end-to-end solution that lets you develop a close relationship with each and every passenger. You can learn: 

  • Who they are (age, destination, purpose of travel and more) 
  • Which segment they belong to (leisure travelers, business executives or bleisure travelers)
  • Which services they are likely to buy (vegetarian meal, Wi-Fi on-board and more)
  • How?  By collecting data from multiple data sources, churning that data into relevant customer insights and using those insights to personalize your communication with them.  

Let's see how customer experience management can work in practice: 

  • A flight has been delayed. You’re able to quickly alert your high-value passengers, apologize and offer them an upgrade on the next available flight. 
  • A passenger is flying with you for the first time. You can get your on-board crew to give a personalized welcome. 

These examples of personalized service make a real difference and leave a lasting impression on passengers.  They help you build loyalty, which in turn will drive more revenues for your airline. 

Products and Solutions: Amadeus Customer Experience Management helps you make every customer feel special.

Amadeus Customer Experience Management

Aggregate customer data and compute valuable insights in real-time for airlines.

Case study

Avianca takes customer centricity to new heights with Amadeus products.

Amadeus customer experience management.

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